Car Unlock Service – Don’t Use a Universal Key!

Unlocking a car has never been easier. “You have seen those cars, they are so well locked; how do they drive so fast? It’s not that I don’t have a new car,” said Tom. “I just don’t want anyone else having access to it.”

“You know what they say,” said Harry. “That person had the keys, so they broke the lock.” “You are right,” said Tom. “Locksmiths are a dime a dozen. And some of them are no better than others. Sometimes we have to pay several hundred dollars for a locksmith to be able to unlock your car.”

“How do we know if the locksmith we have is any good?” asked Harry. “We call them; test them, and call back if you need a locksmith for an emergency. It’s always better to use a locksmith that has been recommended by a friend or family member.”

We called the local locksmith association and asked for a list of recommended locksmiths in the city. The association told us they did not have such a list, but that they would try to get one. A few minutes later we were calling each one on the list and asking about their experience in unlocking car doors. Most of them were happy to oblige with our request, but there were a couple who told us they could not unlock our car because our keys were in the car.

This was when we learned that there were a couple of names on the list that simply didn’t belong to locksmiths at all. A quick phone call to the association found both of these locksmiths on their lists – they were listed in error. They could not provide the names of their clients because they were not licensed. This was really unfortunate because we had asked for recommendations and should have known better.

Fortunately, there are other Car Unlock Service out there who are licensed to operate locksmith services, and they can open cars with a key provided to them. Most of these services use newer model car keys that have transponders that generate a code that needs to be entered before the car can be unlocked. The keys can also be printed rather than programmed using keywords. This is a much safer method, and we definitely recommend this as opposed to using a universal key that can be printed rather than carved into a car.

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